Endless Possibilities

collage, On The Bench, water, watercolor

Sometimes inspiration arrives to the bench in forms other than making jewelry. This weekend I created the cover art for a Pamphlet of Possibility. My chosen theme is “water” since water is life, is sometimes scarce or compromised, one of my purest inspirations, and a common theme for my jewelry.

Pamphlets of Possibility is a one year project in which the “starter” (that’s me!) of each pamphlet  sets a theme, creates one page, and then sends the pamphlet off to another person. Each following recipient adds another page with a drawing, a collage, a poem, some prose, a favorite saying or anything that inspires them and relates to the theme of the pamphlet. Upon completion the pamphlet is then sent to another person. #repeat. When the entire pamphlet is completed it is then sent back to Studio 64 Marin.

There will be a final showing of all the pamphlets January 2018 in an exhibit at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA. I can’t wait to see all of the completed pamphlets and the corners of the world where they have traveled to!