2023 or 1953?

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My intention is to always stay positive. These are trying times.
Warning: brief rant ahead.
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What year is this? I wish I could stop reading the news. The headlines are a throwback to a different time and I wonder to myself, WTF is going on?!

• Abortion is illegal in 13 states as of this writing. (10 more to surely follow.)
• There have been 38 mass shootings so far this year (3 months).
• Banks have failed. Recession? Inflation? Depression? Pick a financial crisis.
• People in Israel are protesting to save their democracy.
• The rhetorical threats of nuclear war are dangled before us as if it’s no big deal.
• Bigotry, racism, hatred and intolerance are being normalized and on the rise.

And this is just to name a few!!!
I’m sorry if this is all just too much, but this is my point! It totally is!

What’s an artist hippy chick to do?
I keep creating, meditating, and manifesting to try to tip the scales towards a critical mass of positivity, love, and light. Is it futile? Am I crazy? Please tell me I’m not. Ok, maybe I’m a little bit crazy but I’m okay with that. I think you are, too.
Peace Sign NecklacePeace

Here is the silver lining to my disbelief at the state of the world. In order to remain positive I want to spread a little sunshine your way. In honor of a throw back to what seemed to me like simpler times I’m having a FLASH SALE from April 18 to 20. Enter THROWBACK40 at check out and receive 40% OFF your entire order.

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On Another Note… The Rain
One nice thing about all the rain we’ve been having, besides reducing fire danger and making everything super green, is the cozy time I get to spend in my studio. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of things I’m working on… etching and improvising.

Collaborate with Meeshka on a custom jewelry design.

The breathtaking beauty of Sonoma after the rain.